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China (48x48 inches, oil on canvas) as it hangs in my dining room ready to go to the gallery.  This view gives you a better idea of the scale of the painting.

Copyright Coulter Watt 1991.  All rights reserved.

Small works & Studies

in the One Man Show

at The des Champs Gallery

Coulter Watt

Photo by Ksenia Adamow

No Direction Home, First Prize Award, the Gamblin 2006 Torrit Grey Painting competition.


Folded, 12x9” oil on board.

Honorable Mention Award, the Gamblin 2007 Torrit Grey Painting Competition.  See the start to finish process of this painting on the Torrit Grey ’07 page.


Mao’s Fortune, 11x14” oil on linen.  Still on the easel being painted.

Tank, 9x9” oil on canvas.                             SOLD

Bag of Fun, 9x12” oil on board.

Chinese Wedding Vase, Study, 9x12” oil on board.


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Dream of Persian Peace, 9x12” oil on board