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Treasures from the Silk Road

One Man Show

January 12th to March 16th, 2008

The des Champs Gallery

Lambertville, NJ

Dancing Through China, 48x48 inches, o/c.

Venus under Stargazers, 20x16”, oil on linen.

Marco Polo left Italy in 1216, heading East into Greece, The Ottoman Empire and into the unknown...  In 1990 Robert Drew sent me to shoot a film on The London to Peking Motor Challenge.  I had a blast traveling down the Silk Road shooting film and collecting small artifacts that traveled well.  We didn’t go through Iran, the Ayatollah was still in a bad mood that year.  But, if the country’s name sounded like a rug, I was there.  Beyond the wonderfully eccentric people who drove many antique cars in the event - a 1912 Lancia-Symplex for example - the cultural differences were astounding and wonderful, and that’s what I loved about traveling the world for nearly 40 years.  To me the Greeks are the origins of western civilization, from democracy to Aristotle and Homer, the architects, the artists and sculptors.  Greek Mythology fascinates me to no end.  Humans need their lessons in story form.  The Bible is a take off of much of Greek Mythology, but, the Greeks did it 3,000 years earlier without the dogma and power play of an organized church.

                Apollo under the Halcyon Moon, 24x30 inches, oil on linen.  

   Nike Descending to Mahler, 24x24 inches, o/l.

                                                                                            Still life with a Terra Cotta Soldier and Dragons,

                                                                                            24x24 inches, o/l.

  The Walleyed Dragon, 20x20 inches, o/l.

    Chinese Wedding Vase, 24x24 inches, o/l.                                    Evening Buddha, 24x24 inches, o/l.

                      The Art of Xenophobia, 24x30 inches, oil on linen.

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