Wattie’s Bog News


Coulter Watt is pleased to announce that The East End Striper won the Award for Traditional Still Life in oil at the 77th Phillips Mill Annual Exhibition, Autumn 2006.

The following pages take you through the entire process of making this painting.

Most often I start a painting with an idea,

usually an object has provoked a thought or

feeling by it's metaphorical meaning and that

starts the ball in motion.  After some thought

I'll make a thumb nail sketch or just write a

list of object, then I’m off...

I made the sketch in Minneapolis on a friend's

note pad in September of 2004, after seeing the

sextant in a store at the Mall of America, it's a

reproduction which I purchased.

A few weeks later while on the East End of Long Island in Quogue at a friend's summer house I purchased the chart and Union Jack out in the Hamptons.  That completed the acquisitions of props for the painting.  Then my 90 year old father fell and fractured his back and my life got seriously interrupted...

Finally in September of 2005 I started to arrange the still life.  I like a composition that leads one's eye around the painting in a circle, from object to object and in and out of the depth of the image in a fluid movement.


The East End Striper, 24 x 30”  o/c                    Copyright Coulter Watt 2006

Volume #1

August, 2006