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    Coulter Watt attended The School of Visual Arts in New York City in two disciplines; painting and filmmaking.  Coulter graduated in 1968 and promptly moved to San Francisco.  While shooting documentaries for KQED he also worked for his mentor, the 2 time Academy Award winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler, who introduced him to the Al and David Maysles who hired Coulter to work on their Rolling Stones film "Gimmie Shelter."

    Returning to New York in 1972 Coulter met Robert Drew, the father of American documentary filmmaking ( "Primary" featuring John F. Kennedy, "Crisis" featuring Robert Kennedy about the first school desegregation in the south). He continued to work for Drew Associates for 30 years traveling around the world shooting films and television programs. 

    Coulter was the Director of Photography on Judy Collins' Academy Award nominated film "Antonia, A Portrait of the Woman", broadcast on the BBC, PBS and abbreviated for "60 Minutes" on CBS.  He has shot for all the major network magazine shows, "60 Minutes", 'CBS Reports", "48 Hours", "20/20", etc.  He was a Director/cameraman for the AT&T sponsored TV show "The Big Blue Marble", and was the location Director of Photography for 20th Century Fox's "James at 15", which aired on NBC.

During the last fifteen years with Robert Drew, Coulter worked as a Producer/Cameraman producing "The London to Peking Motor Challenge", "Endangered Parrots of the Amazon" with Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger for the Audubon Society, "End of a Dynasty" about the Ghandi family string of Prime Ministers of India for the BBC.  Coulter has also traveled extensively throughout Europe, the entire former Soviet Union, China, Asia, South America and Cuba.

In his youth, Coulter learned to sail.  Over the years Coulter honed his racing skills and moved up to ocean racing yachts and eventually earned a US Coast Guard Captain's License.  He Captained a 60 foot sloop, Alkyoni and sailed the North Atlantic waters from Maine to South America, and the Mediterranean from Greece to The Straits of Gibraltar.  Later, while living in New York City he Captained a sport fishing boat, Blondie off the East End of Long Island, but, after decades of fighting sea sickness and a few very scary hurricanes with towering 40 foot waves, Coulter gave up his maritime wanderlust to concentrate on film jobs, globe trotting and painting.

Throughout his life, Coulter Watt has always returned home and painted until his next film assignment.  He has shown at 57th Street Galleries in New York, was commissioned to paint a mural for Jim Henson of a hundred Muppets, as well as other major commissions and had a painting on display in The Smithsonian Institutions Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.  His paintings are in many prominent private collections.  Coulter now resides on Wattie’s Bog, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

    Coulter Watt is represented by Newman Galleries, Philadelphia, PA.

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Name: Coulter Watt

Gender: Male

Age: Childish

Birthday: The Halcyon Days

Status: Deranged

Hometown: Bumstead, PA


Industry: The Plastic Arts

Occupation: Painter

School: Metaphorical

Location: Wattie’s Bog


Quote: “That’s crazy talk,” Cannonball Adamow    &  

“Read what you see,”  Paul Strand .

New Reading: The Wine Dark Sea & M, The Man Who Became Caravaggio

Movies: Casablanca,  A Touch of Evil, Get Shorty,  House of Cards, Paths of Glory, Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, The Battle of Algiers, Wag the Dog, Delicatessen, Stolen,

TV Shows: Countdown,  Frontline, NOVA,

Speed TV, 

Musicians: Yo Yo Ma, Duke Ellington, Rod Stewart,

Travel Destination: Anywhere there isn’t a McDonnalds or Blockbusters




A Brief History of Coulter Watt