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Your Move, 16x26 inches, oil on linen, Coulter Watt 2008.


from erupt                 the knees out-belching

                          vulva gape coconut tribe-winding

your strawberry-muffler breasts porcine valve distribution coiffed enzyme wash

what can I seize from your vagina

what gray matter what tangos on Jupiter cocoons in chromium

will the coconut pop  dangling my mother’s head in a noose

or crow beaks gush (smoothblackpebblejangle) contuss, coagulate & configure, shape & dissolve, movement spurs, … siesta a-ngle

participating in counter dimensional heteronyms I evaluate whether coconuts qualify for    

lithotropic procedures

endourological scans

to diagnose liquids

urine?  plasma?  coconut milk?

emergence is a liquid enterprise

my testicles emerge from your ancient tar pit eyes roiling with whippy iguanas

I am a sweet chameleon dragging a nasty hard-on down your shoulder, slithering across

your shoulder blades, Bobby Timmons blues chords

Wanda please leave your stockings on please stop opening your legs so wide nothing can

withstand you, your temptious undulatives, your spitting your gasoline coconuts across Iraq

a constitution begging

at your knees

Heller Levinson


from: Toxic City, Howling Dog Press

Artist & Poet’s Show                           June 2008, Philadelphia Sketch Club

The Philadelphia Sketch Club, 235 South Camac Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: 215-545-9298

Show Dates:  June 2o through July 13th, 2008